Add Dynamics to Your Drumming

When you look at professional drummers, what do they do that is any different than yourself? If you listen to a band on the radio, most likely you’ll hear the drummer playing a pretty simple beat. What makes them so their drumming so much better than yours? What can you do to impress a band that you are auditioning for? Well, there are many different aspects of dynamic drumming that I can’t possibly go into great detail, but I do want to show you some tips to help you out. There are a couple simple things that once I show them to you it’ll make you wonder why you didn’t think of it before.

What Is Dynamic Drumming?

When someone tells you that they want you to play with more dynamics, it is usually referring to the volume and the amount of “space” in the band that you’re drums are taking up.

Something like volume can be changed very easily, you can change your sticks (heavier for louder, lighter for quieter). You can use some of the tips below to play the same beat, with the same sticks, but it will make your drumming sound more dynamic.

Just like every other instrument of a band, drums have their place, every band is different, so you will have to depend on your ear to tell you if you are “over playing” the song, or not adding enough to it. This is something to definitely keep an eye on.

Quick Dynamic Drumming Tips

Kick Drum

Snare Drum


Ride Cymbal

Make sure that you experiment with a lot of these options and you will notice a big improvement in your playing. You can still play the same beats as before, but by slightly changing the way you hit the ride, or the snare drum, you will breathe a whole new life into your drumming.

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